Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CX Starts Today

I did my first CX specific workout today. I went running actually. When I took a look at this weeks workouts, I had two days dedicated to CX. A run today and a skills workout on Friday. Life is good. Very good.

On a less positive note, Ridley came up short on X-Fire's in Phil size, so I'm going to go one more season on the SuperCross. At the end of the day, it's still an awesome bike and the only reason I was upgrading was for a lower BB and for the sake of something new. The BB issue can be resolved by learning how to ride my bike. In the interest of something new, I'll have new Challenge Fango's on Williams Cycling CX tubulars and some shiny new TRP EuroX Mag's for bling. The white and gold ones are on sale since the 2010's will be white and red. Gold is fine by me. I might get a matching gold tooth to match . . . especially if I bust a tooth on a warm up lap like Bob did a couple of seasons ago. He ended up racing with half a tooth. The man is hard. He could be Belgian.

Go get your CX on, the future is now.

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