Monday, December 26, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Anyone Ever Heard of This Durrin Guy?

 If you get the whole mud/blood/belgian beer thing, then you have probably heard of Jeremy Durrin -- there's even a fair chance that he's kick your ass if you've done a few races in New England and/or the series over the past couple of years (i.e., previous podium finisher at CX @ Brewery Ommegang).

In the event you've totally shut down your season from a physical and psychlo-crossical perspective, you might not know Jeremy has been in Europe racing with some of the big dogs.  If you're jonesin' for a CX fix, check out his FB page or his website ... if you need a teaser, check out this latest entry on his website....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Product(s) Review: A New Appreciation

Earlier this year, I received an email from the Musselman Triathlon folks announcing WoolSports as the title sponsor.  

The Woolsports Mussleman Triathlon is held in Geneva, NY each summer and has grown into one of the largest and most popular tri events in the this corner of the country.

Out of curiosity, I looked up WoolSports on the net and was intrigued by their offerings as a relative newcomer to the wool scene.  Intrigued enough in fact to contact them and offer an invite to display their offerings under the jumbo party tent at Team Ommegang-Syracuse Bicycle's CX @ Brewery Ommegang event this past October. 

Since the 'cross race at Ommegang, I have worn the various socks and long sleeve "T" almost weekly. The long "Superfleece" socks were toasty and comfy while out hunting as well as the few colder days at work,  The "Multisport Ped" sock and "Active Outdoor" sock both not only look really stylish but they are comfy & supportive while still being totally functional as cycling, running or whatever type activity sock.  Perhaps you noted myself or a few others sporting the mid-length "Active Outdoor" sock at a few of the local cross races in October and November.   Basically all these socks ROCK with my fav probably being the "Active Outdoor".

While putting on the socks were straightforward, wearing the long sleeve "T" came with a bit of scepticism with regard to comfort as I tend to have pretty wimpy skin (yes, sensitive on the inside and out! ... stop laughing).  After numerous "wears" as a baselayer, worn alone, or over other items, it has not caused any irritation and never retained any of the STANK familiar to synthetics.  In fact, the "T" has worked its way into my regular rotation of work wear now that the temps are getting cooler.

While you have probably heard of some of the benefits of wool (i.e., environmentally friendly, doesn't stank, continues to insulate when wet, etc.), you might be surprised at how many advantages wool can provide as a true performance fabric (see the WoolSports link & browse the site, there is a ton of cool info ... ).  While wool items will probably not replace all your cycling and fitness/performance apparel needs, it can be a neat and truly functional addition and enhancement to the performance wardrobe.

You should check out WoolSports and give the products a try -- they are some of Humperdog's favourites and you too can gain a new appreciation for performance wool products. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Diary Continued

Day 6: The walls are closing in. I've ripped out the garden, done laundry, washed dishes . . . it's morning and I should be on my bike. The making of Animal House is on. During the documentary, if you could call it that, A&E continues to run commercials for a new show called "Lady Hoggers." I suspect that the end of the world is at hand. A show following female hog hunters? Scratch that. That statement was sexist. A SHOW FOLLOWING HOG HUNTERS???? I'm slipping into madness and the rest of the world appears to have a head start. The question that taunts me is this . . . Is the world literally about to end, or is it already over and I just noticed because I stopped peddling my bike? Highland Forrest with the Brown Dog is the only logical solution. Running is 'cross training right? It's ok if a heroin addict does cocaine while trying to kick the habit right? Say yes. Say yes.

Day 7: Wait, I lost a day somewhere. I think it's day 8. It's dark too early and light too late, which doesn't even make sense. There are only 7 scratches on the cave wall. Regardless it's Monday. Monday's are always a recovery day so today feels normal. Made even more normal by the fact that I'm looking at the walls of a Hampton Inn room with the warm glow of an Applebee's painting the very same walls in multicolor lights. Mmmm Home Sweet Home. Applebees . . . no Crapplebees . . . let's just call it Pooplebees. This is all a great way to get excited about riding the trainer all winter. I'm literally excited to ride the trainer. Mission accomplished.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diary of a Madman

Two weeks off the bike:
Day 1: Exhausted. I keep telling Mrs. Skinny how tired I am. She insists that I come up with a new catch phrase. It's been a long season.
Day 2: The new puppy wakes up at 4:30am like clockwork. Sleep is a distant memory. Still using my catch phrase and no interest in pedaling anything.
Day 3: No interest in pedaling anything, but scouring the internet looking at new bikes. New road frame or snow bike? Interest is low, but I will pedal again. Firefly Bicycles is making beautiful bikes.
Day 4: My liver is hoping that I'll pedal a bike. The $232.22 in wine that I buy tonight makes this questionable.
Day 5: My energy levels are rising. At 9:15am I have a great idea at work and almost call it a day. I'm shot out of a cannon. The 4:30am wake up calls are a blip on the radar screen. Pinarello Paris frame or Surly Pugsley? That is the question!!!!! I demand answers but the man in the mirror just stares back blankly. When did my eyes start to look like a catchers mitt? Must still need rest.
Day 6: It's 8:45 am. There are no openers to be done. No race to prep for. I find myself watching Beverly Hills Cop. If I don't find a positive outlet for my energy I suspect all will be lost. Madness is setting in. For the first time in weeks I muster the energy to update the blog. Can I make it two weeks without falling off the wagon and riding? I need a self help group . . . or a local chapter of Fight Club. Mrs. Skinny demands to know why my energies aren't channeled into something positive . . . like cleaning. The puppy and I have a lot in common.