Sunday, August 9, 2009


So Drumroll tells Ms. Drumroll he'll ride his bike out to their friends camp down to the west side of Otisco Lake. Just west of I-81 heading west on Rte 20, a humongous combine pulls onto Rte 20 and Drumroll catches up to it as he just descended at about 50 mph and still had some good momentum. The combine's doing about 23 -24 mph so Drumroll pulls within about a car length or so behind it and laughs as there is an amazing vortex sucking him along with virtually no effort. The HR monitor says 88 bpm on the flats at 23 mph with wheat chaffe and dust galore rolling outta the back of the big green beast. Then the next climb started and Drumroll shifts down and is surpised how fast he's able to climb the steep pitch in the draft of the combine. About half way up Drumroll has to let go as he's big in the red zone and there is still alot of climb left and he waves goodbye to the combine. A little further along and Drumroll notes the combine had to shift down too so heck, now he's closing the gap and the race is on. Drumroll pulls back to within about 20 yards as they crest the hill and catches on during the descent -- woo hoo. The next hill isn't so bad and Drumroll hangs on until they crest the hill and the combine turned off. He waves goodbye to the combine and laughs again at the wheat chaffe all stuck to sweat on his arms. Ahh, life in the country is good. The aromatics of the local farm, the sticky sweet smell of summertime cornfields and a big green combine to agri-pace ya for a few miles.

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