Monday, August 17, 2009

This One Time . . . At 'Cross Camp . . .

I'm sitting in a hotel having just registered for this camp, hoping that the dude two rooms over was too busy looking at porn to bother stealing my credit card number.

Having written that, Adam's clinic is worth the risk. I went to his camp last year and it was the best money I've spent on CX by a wide margin. New wheels, nice but who cares. Spankin' new bike, nice try, good luck getting any faster. Adam and Alec . . . they will make you faster. Dismounts, mounts, barriers, starts, handling . . . I repeat, they will make you faster.

I've written this before, but my first year I had some respectable results. Year two, I had a new bike and wheels wasn't any faster. I was just "that guy." The guy with equipment I couldn't live up to. Year three I went to Adam's camp and learned more in two days than I had learned in 2+ years of racing. The results were immediate and I didn't feel so bad about the new bike anymore.

The good thing about CX is that you're never done learning, so I'm headed back. Feel free to cash in all of those empties and we'll split a hotel room.

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Drummroll said...

a framepump in your what?