Sunday, August 16, 2009

Call me FOAIB

Lined up at Windham for the Cat 2 XC race and was called out by the announcer for being the only SS in the field. He wanders toward me w/mic in hand and says, "whoa, fully rigid, a true idiot bike". He goes on a bit and somehow I'm a "freak" now cause I'm gonna ride the "idiot bike". I did get him to plug Ommegang and my Soul Cycles Dillinger as payback though. So, ahh yes, Drumroll is also a Freak On An Idiot Bike or FOAIB for short .... and as I noted to another about my new name Foaib .. kinda sounds like an African tribal name or something.

I am Foaib, member of the SS clan, MTB Tribe.

btw .. Foaib suffered mightily for a so-so 4th place (outta 6 in Cat 2 40-44) as an overgeared, underpowered dumbarse with poor gear selection and solid lesson learned.

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bluecolnago said...

nothing wrong with a rigid ss.... :)