Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food/Beverage Rut?

If you are one of the 2-3 regular readers that has periodically checked in for a while now, you may recall a few "discoveries" we've mentioned within the realm of food & beverage (at least discoveries for us simple 'cross lovin types of questionable intelligence).  Perhaps the two biggest discoveries noted in this here blog (IMO) include the Bialetti and Nutella.

Since it has been a while since any food or beverage discoveries have been recently covered, it seems timely to make out a list of 5 things a 'cross racer (or heckler) should check out if you have not already.

(1) The first is almond butter -- if you are a fan of peanut butter and almonds, this should be a no-brainer.  A personal favourite PBJ alternative is some almond butter with honey on good whole grain bread.

(2) While sticking with honey (or should we say sticky-ing), how about a nice cup of green tea with a dab of honey and lemon after a cold/damp weather ride.  Not exactly a big time discovery (folks have been doing this for a long time), but something kinda new on this end.   If you are unimpressed, add a shot of whiskey.  The added whiskey might not make for a great post ride choice but it sure takes the chill off on other occasions.

(3) So you are probably surprised it took us all the way to #3 before we talked booze (or does #2 count) but did you get a chance to try any of the Critz Farms hard cider?   They had around 5 or 6 varieties to try so one would likely hit a note with you.  Some sweet, some dry, and some flavoured yet nothing really like the non-alcoholic cider drink you may be familiar with.  This stuff was really interesting if you enjoy a decent alternative to a brew or vino.

(4)  Since we are all getting older and we all could use more fiber, be healthier etc, etc. .... have you tried steel cut oats (aka Irish oats)?  This ain't your mama's instant oatmeal here.  Read up on it and you'll see.  Besides, why just get on a carbon CX bike with fancy tubulars to be PRO when you could have had steel cut oats for breakfast ... now that is PRO.

(5)  OK, this blog has beer in the title so here ya go ... if you love your Belgian style brews, and if you can get your hands on any (this stuff is real hard to find - may not be distributed in NY), you truly should try to get a hold of some Allagash Curieux.  It is a Belgian-style tripel aged in used bourbon barrels (Jim Beam I believe).  Very hi-test but an amazing brew from Allagash Brewing Co. up in Portland, ME.   The bourbon sits quietly in the background but adds such an awesome subtle element to the overall taste. I would use intrigue and awe as descriptors of the Curieux tasting experience.

There ya have it ... the top 5 recent food & beverage highlights for the first half of the 2011 'cross season.   Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eff Me .. Priceless

Eff Me Once:   warming up/riding EZ at Long Branch before the gang got there with almost brand new Grifo tubulars (one practice & one race old) -- flat.

Eff Me Twice:  jump into a hot lap with the gang on the brand new, never ridden tubulars glued up last night -- stick with eyes jumps into rear derailleur & rips it off

Eff Me 3x:  while the derailleur is ripping off, the new chain I put on last week (w/only 1 race on it) decides to imitate a pretzel.

Bonus Eff Me:  On 690 cruising home in a combo bummed/pissed mood (with a messed up bike on the roof rack) and a freaking re-tread pops out from around a car as I'm changing lanes and slams the underside of the car. 

Having realized that it don't mean shit because I am still pretty lucky when I consider the big picture ... Priceless (and a vodka martini or two never hurts either)