Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uh Oh

So it's no big secret to the 3 or so readers of this here blog that the esteemed authors periodically enjoy a good adult beverage (or two).  Great brews -- we're on it (with perhaps a slight Belgian bias).  Good wine -- we're on that too (with perhaps a slight Spanish bias). 

So out of the blue, Drumroll gets all silly and fascinated with bourbon in the middle of this crazy winter.  He starts looking up bourbon websites, bourbon recipes, bourbon history, bourbon blogs, and stumbles on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail website ... and not only a Bourbon Trail website, a section/page dedicated to "Bike the Bourbon Trail".

Yes sir -- riding your bike between bourbon distilleries.  So now you see the "Uh-Oh" factor.  The major challenges now include how to incorporate a couple days of bourbon biking into the training program as well as how to get Ms. Drumroll on board (she does like horses and they have those in Kentucky).  Maybe I can convince her it's my patriotic duty as bourbon (as frequently mentioned at the distillers web sites) is the only true spirit Americans can claim as their own.  Cheers.