Friday, March 27, 2009

Training (sorta) & Movie Review

Drumroll is beat and sore after a little ski trip out to CO. Three days of 10,000+ ft of elevation and a variety of black and blues (literally & figuratively) beat me down. So I figure I should get my arse back on the bike but it's a raining and cold so I pop in the latest Netflix delivery & settle in to some Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantonomo Bay while spinning the legs out on the trainer. It was rather mindless, crude, dumb, and loaded with naked babes and foul language and topped with an abundant supply of toilet and stoner humor (in other words I liked it). Sorry, that's the way I am so please forgive me for being me (dammit). Needless to say, Ms. Drumroll wouldn't even bother after seeing the original (White Castle) and stayed upstairs to watch something she defined as "not stupid". At about 100 min long. it nicely fills the void of trainer brain drain quite well. Now if you would rather ride the trainer while watching Moulin Rouge or Pretty Woman, you probably don't ride 'cross anyway and wouldn't like this movie. If you do ride 'cross and need some brain puddin' for the trainer -- this just might be what you need. Oh, and make sure you see the first Harold & Kumar (White Castle) before Guantonomo. If you like the first one, you'll like the second as well. If you don't like it (which would be hard to understand since it is rather funny seeing Doogie Howser on 'shrooms and watching them get stoned w/George W), then you best go do your nails and wipe down the tires on your pretty road bike. And beware of the "meat sandwich".

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