Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Future & Ride Chatter

The future? See the pic ..... and please please please notice the cool "ant bike socks"

Ride Chatter? I bagged the local 9 am group ride heading west figuring it would take me 20-30 min to drive to the ride start and it was also less than 20F out -- fairly legit excuses. Around 11:30, I have 2 water bottles on the counter, have all winter gear on except shoes, gloves, and jacket & the doorbell rings. Ms. Drumroll answers the door ... "can Drumroll come out and play?" asked one of the two multi-layered cyclo-geeks straddling his fender kitted CX bike. Hmmm, I was going to hop on the 29er SS and see what the canal path had in store en route to Green Lakes but what the heck .. .hopped on the CX bike and rode off into the slight, but sharp NW wind. The 3 of us cruised mostly flats and dicussed all things cycling. These included:
  • Why every cycling medium (print, web, etc.) is so wrapped up in Lance-mania
  • The one CX race in Rochester
  • That the one guys woman starts officially training for a 1/2 IM today
  • Levi's cracked arse
  • The other CX race in Rochester
  • How bizarre Dave Z really is
  • The other CX race in Rochester again
  • If I stole Dave Z's bikes .. or Lance's wheels
  • Weight of CX bikes
  • No TT at Syracuse race, but hopefully at Owasco
  • Jens V is a stud of studs
  • CX tires
  • The Buck Hill CX race
  • ...and that here it is March 1 and we spent half the ride talking about CX


bluecolnago said...

nothing wrong with talking about cx. cx is life! stronger than religion. yeah, you can talk cx any time....

bluecolnago said...

that's a great pic, btw. the socks are bad-ass!