Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The email said 3 hr, 45 min Relaxed Ride

Back in the bike groove, clicking into pedals rather than ski bindings. The forecast for Sat. upper 60's and sun, sun, sun. The email said there was a longish ride for Sat. probably lasting around 3:45 at a relaxed pace. .. ahh perfect. I rolled out the door around 9:05 am to catch up w/Skinny Phil in Manlius -- problem was I got a late start and the west wind was a blowin so I pushed it. Turned up topwards Pompey Ctr & saw a dot way up the hill so pushed it some more and finally caught S-Phil. I had already visited the red zone more than I wanted and I was only 12 miles into the ride. Caught the rest of the crew on 80 and headed to Song Mtn to preview the new Syracuse race course.... not gonna miss that Oak Hill .... but instead of a swift culling, the new course will let you suffer a slower, more cruel existence. And when you think you've seen the last of the kickers, you will wonder if you should have put on the 27 when a nasty steep slap in the mug comes at ya. Finished the race loop and after a refuel at the local c-store, we soldiered back towards home. Skinny thankfully offered me a ride from his casa as I was now over 5+ hrs in the saddle and kinda hurtin' and still looking at another 10 or so miles home. Got home, stumbled outta the car with the eye balls sunken, thanked Skinny for the lift and went in the house to double check -- yup, the email said 3:45 relaxed ride!

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