Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sorry for slacking. I'm sure the three people that read my mindless ramblings have been suffering opiate like withdrawal symptoms.

The weather has been less than desirable for late February/early March, but it appears to be on the mend. Last weekend was WAY too cold for me. It's almost tolerable when it's 15 degrees in January, but by now its tough to get pumped up to deal with the elements when it should be in the 30's. The really good news is that it's supposed to be knocking on 50 this weekend. It may rain, but I'll take it. The bike needs the salt washed off anyway.

New kits are being ordered and the team should have shiny new bibs and jerseys for Spring. Mmmm fresh chamois.

On an unrelated note, I celebrated a birthday on Monday. My wife gave me a Flip Video Mino HD. Its pretty much a mini hand held recorder. It stores up to 4GB of video and records for 1 hour. Coincidence? I don't think so. We're ready for the CX Shaky Fan Cam. Kind of like the old David Letterman Monkey Cam, but without the monkey.

That's my man Ray-Ray in the video. Not quite his 15 minutes, but who would want to blow their whole 15 minutes of fame on a lame blog.

Hopefully this weekend will include some blogworthy events. The last couple of weeks on the trainer have been pretty boring. Maybe I need to start posting video of my training sessions on-line to keep Bob motivated. Then again, posting video of me riding shirtless in bibs on the interweb is probably a bad idea. I did break down and shave my legs after this weekends trainer session. Having my leg hair brush up against the top tube at 85 rpms was too much to take.

Word to your moms . . . enjoy the warm weather.

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bluecolnago said...

happy birthday, skinny phil!