Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ready to Race

Saturday is the Check Your Legs race. Since I haven't raced since CX season, I'm more than ready to go. Ready to go is a relative term, but whether I'm genuinely ready or not is irrelevant. I need to race. At this point all work and no play are making it tough to stay motivated. The Syracuse weather isn't helping any. Last Thursday I rode in shorts for the first time this year. Sunday, there was snow on the shoulder of the road and fresh salt to eat up what was left of my drive train. Just when I think it's safe to convert to the summer bike full time . . .

I have a good mind to start burning all of the old bike tires in my basement. Maybe that'll keep global warming on the fast track. Then again I don't want to hasten the demise of the polar bear. I guess riding the winter bike is ok for a little longer.

On a brighter note, tomorrow night our local sponsor, Syracuse Bicycle, is kicking off their new Cervelo line. There will be free beer, and it'll be Ommegang, our other local sponsor. That probably won't help much in my preparation for Saturday's race, but my liver survived CX season, so I think I'll live. I'll also get to pick up my new team kits. Mmmmm new kits. Last years kits have held up well, but I'm ready to introduce my junk to a new kit. We went with the race cut. I hope they don't make me look fat.

In addition to the yo yo weather pattern work has been insane. By the time I got home tonight I was running out of time to hit up the trainer. I may have hit a new low when I actually rode the trainer in black work socks to save time changing socks. There needs to be a balance, but this week work is winning the fight. Maybe a little forced rest will pay dividends on Saturday. That's the glass half full approach anyway. Black socks. Very sexy. Luckily my old lady met a friend for dinner and didn't need to winess the black sock debocal.

If you're around town, get to Syracuse Bicycle tomorrow night, have an Ommegang and drool on a Cervelo. I'd suggest getting hammered, stealing a P3 and doing your best imitation of Fabian Cancellara on Erie Blvd. RSVP with Trish . . . here's a link:

Word to your moms.

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