Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't Be "That Guy"

Well, I finally cracked and bought new wheels. Not only did I buy wheels, but I bought the very wheels I like to make fun of when racing. You know, the wheels ridden by some out of shape Cat 4 who's hopelessly dropped from the pack on the latest sub 1000 gram frame.

My new mission . . . to live up to these wheels. I'd like to think I'm up to the task but time will tell. My current wheels are great for training but way too flexy for sprints. At 130 something pounds, I'm not exactly shredding the pavement when I bust out my sprint, but I need all of the help I can get. Lately when I sprint I constantly feel like I'm getting a flat tire. That can't be efficient. Think about it, that could be the difference between 18th and 19th place. The guy that comes in 18th place gets mobbed at the supermarket, free dinner at the local bistro, all the latte's he can drink, free frames for life. The guy that comes in 19th, he gets nothing. He gets to empty the port o john after the race. These wheels are going to catapult me to greater levels of mediocrity.

In my quest for new wheels I went straight to Paul at Syracuse Bicycle, and a leftover set of 2008 404's were just what I was looking for. Aero, light, and I finally get to try gluing tubulars. They're currently stretching. Hopefully tomorrow the gluing begins. Hopefully Sunday I don't get dropped. If I do, I will officially have become "that guy." Feel free to laugh, run me into a ditch, or simply be a wheel sucker, because I'll deserve it. If I crack the top 18, please don't mob me in the supermarket. I'll still be a regular guy. A regular guy with free latte's that is.


bluecolnago said...

good luck with the gluing. it isn't difficult, just be patient. :)

Drummroll said...

sniff lots of glue but please be careful if you gotta take a wizz while gluing cause when you arrive at urgent care, you definitely don't wanna be that guy

Skinny Phil said...


ER Doc: "Sure you were gluing tubulars, we'll just submit bike porn incident on the insurance form."