Monday, December 20, 2010

Le Metier

While Drummroll cannot take credit for uncovering this (that goes to BIG Dave), you might wanna check out the latest post to Michael Barry's blog (see link below).

If you're asking who Michael is, well too bad for you (and you are not permitted to read further .. go do your homework).  First, he is one of the pure North American "good guys" in the pro peloton.  Secondly, the dude is a damn good writer.  Maybe you've caught his stuff in Velonews or have you ever heard of his book called Inside the Postal Bus?  This is the book that lets you take a peak of the craziness surrounding Lancemania a few year back in the US Postal days.

So Drummroll clicked on the link that took him to Michael's website (called Le Metier -- Google-translate it, you'll get it) and read "The Cross" blog post ... and then read a whole bunch more.  His writings on "cyclo-stuff" is like off-season cyclo-crack when it's single digits outside and dark at 4:00 pm ... you just can't get enough.  

Coincidentally, he also has a 2nd edition of a book also called Le Metier out.  It might be a little late to get it on your Holiday wish list but hey, you can try .. and if that don't work, maybe you'll get a gift card that you can use to get it yourself.

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