Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Let Me Explain

Ya it's been a while ...So bite me (ha, dog humour).  So not one of my best pics but I can't be on my A-game all the time.   I had a long CX season being the unofficial Team Ommegang-Syr Bike mascot, I been pissin in snow up to my chest for weeks already and then the holiday stresses finally got to me.   I had to blow off some steam ya know, let my hair down a little and next thing ya know things  got a little wild watching the Pinstripe Bowl.   I hope Drummroll don't notice I broke into his secret stash of Omme... dumbass thinks he's all clever keeping it in the downstairs closet out of sight.  He's too busy stuffing his face and whining about the BIG numbers on the bathroom scales lately to notice anyway.    I shouldn't bust on him too much, he's had a few bumps in the road this year and he still takes time to give me my favourite belly rub.

All in all it wasn't that bad of a year for me (aside from a couple minor incidents ... like those 2 skunk run-ins -- freakin little cocky, smelly bastards anyway -- and the new barf stain on the downstairs rug).   I got to run around in the woods alot, spent a few nights in a nice hotel, went on a wine tour, and kayaked alot this summer. The bonus was that I got to the beach this summer and play in the surf a bit and even camped out in a tent.  You haven't lived until you rolled in and gnawed on a rotting salty crab. 

Anyway, wanna wish y'all a Happy Humper Dog Holiday Season and tell ya to make sure to live it up in style! ... Doggy Style !!


Skinny Phil said...

Nice. I was going to post something, but I'll Brandy shine for a few days!

windy said...

Thanks to the Ommegang for 3 great races this fall! (I only made it to 3, I heard the other was great, but I don't want to go around spreading hearsay...) Looking forward to next year.