Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yup, crusin' solo down the canal path and I see something up ahead and HOLY SHEET. A family of skunks -- 5 of them. I was about 15 yds from them when I realized what they were and slammed on the brakes. After realizing I was not being "aimed at", I dismounted, moved way over to the edge of the trail and tried to get by. But nooooo, they wanted to eff w/me and started running up the canal path. I honestly wondered if they were messing with me. Suddenly they stopped and I snuck by. They really were kinda cute but I was glad to be out of the danger zone so to speak. Once I was well beyond any potential situation that would have been difficult to explain, I rode off chuckling to myself knowing that if there were a group of us riding full bore down the canal, only Coapman would have gotten sprayed cause that's just the way the world works.

Oh, btw, if you noted I was riding solo, it's because my alleged teammates and training partners totally blew me off. Anywho, I did keep the Ommegangster tradition alive and enjoyed the sweetest post ride 750 of Hennepin one could imagine in the best way possible ... solo!

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