Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wow . . .

It's a good thing that there's some beautiful cycling and hills around here. The fact that a dude playing the soprano sax had thousands standing shoulder to shoulder freaks me out a little. I want the drivers around me on point, not lulled into a zombie like state by the musical stylings of Kenny G. Something tells me that John Tesh and that no talent ass clown Michael Bolton are planning their assault on Syracuse as I type. Nothing like a nice mellow get together with 50,000 like minded people after dinner at the Olive Garden. Here's the news clip . . .

Syracuse, New York (WSYR-TV) - Onondaga Community College safety officers were forced to turn away Jazz Fest patrons Saturday night after thousands packed the college campus to watch Kenny G perform. It's estimated somewhere between 30,000 to 50,000 attended Jazz Fest last night.

Those who made it out stood shoulder to shoulder to hear the famed musician play his soprano saxophone. The instrumental artist has sold more than 75-million albums worldwide, but is best known for his Grammy award-winning hit, Forever in Love.

Ride safe my friends. Getting run over my a soccer mom listing to Kenny G is no way to go.

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