Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Fly Results too good to be true?

After the incredible showing at the Black Fly, several Team SCARR-Ommegang members have come under investigation regarding alleged doping practices. While all team members profess their innocence, there is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence primarily revolving around their stay at a small motel the night before the race. Hotel staff have reported seeing various team members entering Room #4 with a suspicious cooler that allegedly contained brown bottles at various times throughout the evening. One hotel staffer noted that while he changed a light bulb outside a room with cyclists inside, he overheard one person in the room comment that they needed to improvise a device to get at what he claimed sounded like "Belgian Lusciousness". Additionally the hotel staffer believed the "Belgian Lusciousness" may have been administered by a person code named Father Hennepin. Preliminary blood tests have yet to show any detectable abnormalities other than significantly elevated traces of a yeast-like substance in the riders blood. Authorities are continuing their investigation into determining the potential relationships between the elevated blood-yeast levels and the identity of person known as Father Hennepin and the "Belgian Lusciousness" substance allegedly distributed to the riders.

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Bryan said...

If ever there was a advertisement for drinking more Ommegang the results you guys pulled off are it!! off to the store for some Abbey Ale and Rare Vos