Monday, June 15, 2009

The Black Fly Bites

Crash & burn baby. Drumroll made the separation of 8
riders at the front of the Black Fly w/3 team mates only to crash. In a truly PRO fashion, he went to the doctor today as his leg kept swelling -- pain & swelling being one thing, but not being able to ride a whole different story. The doc said ice & pain killer. So Grey Goose on the rocks it is (in true PRO fashion). The doc wanted crutches but Drumroll couldn't bother as they are unPRO. Why bother with the doc you ask? See below .... which leg looks out of place?

Skinny Phil was a beast w/a freaking 2nd place overall!! Jeff W (another Ommegangster) took the overall as beast supreme giving us 2 'gangsters on the podium & 4 in the top 8.

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