Monday, February 2, 2009

Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow; winter to continue

Well, that Phil can go ahead and suck it. Drumroll and I got in 2:30 yesterday and the temps were in the mid 30's. Clear roads, clear skies, cleared for take off. It was great to actually hit the pavement. Not that "The Wire" isn't entertaining and all, but I was WAY past ready to see the great outdoors (via bike). Nothing too exciting to report actually, it was just great to be outside riding.

Saturday was much colder and snowier. About 12-15 degrees at Highland. Drumroll, Dave F., Jeff W. and I hit the trails hard for a few hours. Actually, Jeff stuck around for another loop, so who knows how long that dude was out there. After 3 hours of chasing Dave and Jeff on their waxable ski's, Drumroll and I were pretty much wiped out from trying to keep up on waxless ski's. Drumroll wins the prize for hardest effort though since his ski's looked like they were bought at a garage sale from someone who stole them from someone who bought them at the Salvation Army. Great workout though. There's nothing like getting the top few guys from the local Masters CX races together off season. There's gonna be some hard efforts thrown down. I'm neither a Master or one of the top few guys, but I definitely got sucked into the chase. Good times.

The weather is looking pretty warm next weekend. Might be wet, but my winter bike could use a wash anyway. Anyone wanna ride? Bob?

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bluecolnago said...

6 more weeks of winter. i guess if he doesn't see his shadow it's only a month and a half til' spring. ahhhh well....