Monday, February 9, 2009

The Answer My Friend ...

..... is blowin' in the wind. Doh !
Homer (Odyssey 5. 291) "Poseidon massed the clouds, clutched his trident and churned the ocean up; he roused all the blasts of all the Winds and swathed earth and sea alike in clouds; down from the sky rushed the dark. Euros (East Wind) and Notos (South Wind) clashed together, the stormy Zephyros (West Wind) and the sky-born billow-driving Boreas (North Wind)."
Small group ride on Saturday -- Notos at around 15 mph for 3.5 hrs of fun with a tour of the windwills (translates to climbing in CNY bike-speak) thrown in for good measure. More joy on Sunday w/a slightly larger group but stayed mostly in flatlands. This time though, Boreas exacted revenge at 20+ mph for 3 hours. Felt like Cancellara w/the tail wind and a track sprinter going up Mt. Washington into the wind. We did get some periodic sunshine both days which always makes it all a bit more tolerable. Even though the wind did blow, it beat the trainer as we all know that can suck.

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