Saturday, February 14, 2009

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?"

Rant warning .... How can I ride my bike if FedEx don't deliver? If FedEx don't deliver, how can I ride my bike. I wanna do a Sam Kinison ...aughhh, aughhh, aughhh.

FedEx sucks, plain and simple. Dateline April 2006: FedEx to ship bike to my brother's house in Charlotte so I can head on over to Asheville. Arrives 2 days late, delays my trip to Asheville. Dateline December 2008: FedEx the Christmas goodies to my nieces & nephews. Arrives 3 days after Christmas when it was sent 3 days before with 2nd day delivery -- Uncle Drumroll looking like a d-bag w/the late Christmas gifts. Dateline February 2009: FedEx my bike to hotel in Solvang. I was assured it would arrive Fri. (13th) -- I am to arrive Sat (14th) and psyched to be riding on Sun. (15th). Checked the tracking on Thurs. and looking good, scheduled to arrive On Fri. Checked again this morning -- arriving Mon. now. Now you may wonder why I keep using FedEx, well, cause we get a sizeable corporate discount but lesson learned I guess -- I keep thinking they can't possibly screw me again.

WTF here FedEx? You are just like the airlines now where time frames and deadlines are just approximate guidelines. When I asked the "representative" on the phone why it can't be delivered this weekend, she responds, "cause it's on the truck, we can't just stop the truck and unload it for your package". FU too honey and have a nice day. Oh, Happy freakin Valentines Day (dammit).

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bluecolnago said...

i feel your pain with fedex. we use it here at work for approximately a thousand packages a day. they are quite often one day longer than they publish. we also use big brown for a few packages (they used to be our primary carrier, $$$$) so i use them when i ship something myself. your comparison to the airlines is a good one. once they have you on board it's kinda hard to change to get away from crappy service. have fun in california!