Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Jan 19, '09 ... Know where your owner is?

Hey, Humperdog here -- Drumroll left his computer on and I think he's in the crapper (btw ... he spends alot of time alone in there) so I thought I'd add my two cents (or should I say "two scents" .. ha, dog humor).
First want to give a shout out to Barney for his faithful service as First Dog. He might be on the small side but c'mon, he's got his own website, the whole Barney-Cam thing going on and best of all, he took a chunk outta that reporter recently.
Anyway, Drumroll seems to be trying to maintain some semblence of fitness while simultaneously running me into the ground. Yeah, let's go freakin XC skiing.... bright idea .. Saturday and Sunday. Next time I wish he'd run in snow up to his chest while snow chunks ice up between his toes on his barefeet while I glide easily over a track made by someone else. He might even think twice if he had to let his sensitive parts dangle in the snow when it was time to take a leak. I'm all for getting out for some fun but c'mon here. The dilema is that I don't wanna tell him but he is getting a little jiggly around the middle cause he'll only freak out more and want to ski some more. At least the dumbass didn't take me along for his bike adventure on Friday. It was well below zero with the windchill but he went out for well over an hour on the canal path. He looked like a dork with his ski helmet on, ski goggles, face mask and other crap. Wondered if he was headed to a Halloween party, to rob a bank or to ride his bike. He ain't always too bright but he does feed me so it's not all bad. That's all for now, gotta run, I just heard him flush for the second time and he's swearing so he'll be probably be looking for the plunger again -- just hope he washes his hands this time before he tries to pet me.

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bluecolnago said...

poor humperdog! you should get an extra biscuit for all the "stuff" you have to put up with.