Friday, January 9, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Not that anyone noticed, but after a three week break from the bike I'm back. I took some time off to give the legs a rest and enjoy the snow via board, shoe and ski. Unfortunately the end of my break was met with an intestinal bug that extended the hiatus by 8 days. It also made me a skinny Skinny Phil. Dropped to 132lbs to be exact. Tom Danielson eat your heart out.

The snow has been flying so I've been relegated to the trainer, but picking up where Drumroll left off on the movie reviews, I've been watching The Wire which is pretty entertaining. I'm currently on season four courtesy of Netflix. I also watched a pretty cool documentary on Fugazi. If you're a fan of punk or tour the country racing a bike, I highly recommend it. It's a little slow, but the similarities between a punk band and racers are certainly there. Think low income, passion, lousy hotels, but when it's time to perform you get to let 'er rip.

I also watched a cool movie called Mongol about Genghis Khan. I should warn you that it has subtitles, but it was very interesting and definitely trainer friendly. If you enjoyed the movie 300 (but actually know how to read) you'll really dig this. If you didn't enjoy 300 (because you know how to read) you'll really dig this. It had a lot of fighting scenes and a love story for the ladies (and sensitive CX'er).

I currently need to wrap up a Wire DVD and then I have a documentary on The Clash so I can pick back up on the punk theme. I think punk goes hand in hand with CX. Road guys can listen to rock, MTB'ers can listen to The Grateful Dead, and CX and Crit racers can have their mosh pit with punk.

Hopefully the snow gods will smile upon us in CNY this weekend so I can hit the road.

Word to your mom's, and hopefully some road rides will allow me to bring the funny back to the blog. As I say, all trainer and no play make Skinny a dull boy. Redrum.

PS - Sorry for using myself in the 3rd person.