Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey, Everybody else is doing it?

Time for the unofficial winter movie reviews -- sorry, what the frig else do you want me to talk about ... aside from the fact that I currently have hockey skates, snowshoes, XC skis & downhill skis in the back of my car (and have actually used 3 of the 4 recently), it's about the bike amigo and willing myself to ride it. Probably like you, I've realized a good movie is one of the best ways to get in some trainer time w/out completely losing your sanity (your numb senistive parts however, are your own problem). So here's how the ratings go in this little world of warped movie review reality -- the rating units are "Omme's" -- 4 Omme's (kinda like the 4-pack) is the highest rating, 1 Omme is a pretty lame movie where you'd wished you watched back-to back Seinfeld's (secretly hoping to see the Soup Nazi or shrinkage episode) And now, the list of recent movies ....

(1) Ironman: w/that hollywood rehab dude as the main character -- overall a real good trainer movie. Good action, decent plot, and touches of humor -- 3.5 Omme's;

(2) Lawrence of Arabia -- could be the longest movie I have ever seen -- we're talking 2 (as in multiple) trainer sessions here consisting of 2 hrs, 20 min on day 1 (until the intermission) and 1 hr, 20 min on day 2 for a grand total of 3 hrs & 40 minutes. Pretty cool movie based on a real story. Maybe a bit of current modern irony to see it now w/all the Middle East crap going on. Rated as 3.0 Omme's (the book it was based on by TE Lawrence definitely rates 4.0 Omme's if your so inclined).

(3) The Dark Knight -- w/that other Hollywood dude who never made it to rehab but was a freaking awesome freaky Joker. Batman/Bruce was cool and I definitely wanted to humperdog all his hot chick friends. Could argue this was the best of the Batman movies, it was dark so to speak and cool to see Batman get pissed -- 4.0 Omme's.

(4) And to save you a wasted rental, pay per view or DVD purchase, skip Marley & Me when it comes out. Yes, I liked Jen's tight shirts and all but (a) it was just a story about a dog, (b) it was freaking depressing -- and I'm gonna spoil it and tell you that the freaking dog dies and (c) it was just a story about a dog. Highlight was using a hose to spray away mango colored dog poo to find a necklace the dog ate.

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