Monday, November 10, 2008

Soul Cycles Build Part II / Weekend Report

Go here (as in physically entering Syr Bicycle, not by clicking) if you wanna see Mr. Drumroll's build up process of his retro blue Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er (peek in the back). So bite me, I took the EZ way out. So on to this past weekend -- Sunday I hooked up w/a 19 yr old in Greene and chased her round with a rapid pulse and a burning feeling in my chest. Man she was seductive and elusive. Even though I made my play for "her prize", I fell short by one spot -- seems "my rival" scored instead of me. I kept him honest & made him work for it but -- he was the better man on this day and she was all his when it was done & over. The 19 yr old was the Greene CX (or KX if you prefer) event -- and yes, at 19 it just may be the only KX event in upstate NY old enough to have voted. While Greene may have voted "for change", I hope the Greene KX event does not change irregardless of economic conditions, troop levels, or who controls the senate.

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