Monday, November 3, 2008

She Won't Bite ...

"She won't bite ...." but I might damn it. Mr. Tool lets his dog run unleashed (illegally) on the canal path -- dog chases Drumroll as Mr. Tool calls back dog & keeps yelling "she won't bite" -- Drumroll hops off bike and chases dog w/bike -- as Drumroll gets back on bike, Mr. Tool has a few comments about chasing dog -- Drumroll , now seeing red, turns around to have a "discussion" w/Mr. Tool. Mr. Tool gets an earful of "I don't give a sh*t if you think she won't bite" and summed it up with "We wouldn't even be having this discussion if your ^$*#ing dog was on a leash you're holding in your hand in the first place." Mr. Tool sees Drumroll is really pissed and actually apologizes -- Drumroll realizes he's a bit fired up this Friday eve and maybe should race tomorrow.

Tomorrow (Sat) -- decided at 7:30 am to roll back to Rochester/Ellison Park again looking for missing seat redemption. Diced it out w/some of teh regular rivals and was able to hold on for a win. Woo Hoo -- redemption.

NYS CX Champs (Sun) -- holy crap was it a cold morning. Started out Masters race in row 2 on wheel of a CX stud type and had a good start. Played near the front for a bit and then settled in to race for possible podium spot. Thought I had a decent gap on last lap when a teammate and other dude smoke by on a run up. Never knew they were there and desperately tried to catch on -- figures, I caught the teammate but not "other dude" and ended up passing teammate in last few turns to win 3rd by less than a bike length in 35+. Looked real pro at the end slumped over handle bars dry heaving uncontrollably. Another teamamte won 45+ and had good overall team showing all in all. Gotta luv 'cross.

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