Friday, November 21, 2008

Soul Build Part 2B / CX done?

So there she is in all her glory ... the humper dog, oh yeah ... and the new Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er single speed. (Note: Drumroll has not been humped by the Dillinger ... yet). Took the new build out last Fri and this Fri to Green Lakes to see what this SS stuff was all about. So far so good 'cept froze my nads off today -- freaking snow storm trying to mess w/my ride dammit.

Also gotta figure out if I got any more CX in me. I've raced alot of CX this yr and have had 2 lousy training weeks in a row 'cause of work/travel so any form that I may have had probably got left in a hotel or rental car somewhere between Ohio, West Virginia and Mass.

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Skinny Phil said...

I think the ride was alleged. I don't even see pedals on that thing . . .