Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diary of a Madman

Two weeks off the bike:
Day 1: Exhausted. I keep telling Mrs. Skinny how tired I am. She insists that I come up with a new catch phrase. It's been a long season.
Day 2: The new puppy wakes up at 4:30am like clockwork. Sleep is a distant memory. Still using my catch phrase and no interest in pedaling anything.
Day 3: No interest in pedaling anything, but scouring the internet looking at new bikes. New road frame or snow bike? Interest is low, but I will pedal again. Firefly Bicycles is making beautiful bikes.
Day 4: My liver is hoping that I'll pedal a bike. The $232.22 in wine that I buy tonight makes this questionable.
Day 5: My energy levels are rising. At 9:15am I have a great idea at work and almost call it a day. I'm shot out of a cannon. The 4:30am wake up calls are a blip on the radar screen. Pinarello Paris frame or Surly Pugsley? That is the question!!!!! I demand answers but the man in the mirror just stares back blankly. When did my eyes start to look like a catchers mitt? Must still need rest.
Day 6: It's 8:45 am. There are no openers to be done. No race to prep for. I find myself watching Beverly Hills Cop. If I don't find a positive outlet for my energy I suspect all will be lost. Madness is setting in. For the first time in weeks I muster the energy to update the blog. Can I make it two weeks without falling off the wagon and riding? I need a self help group . . . or a local chapter of Fight Club. Mrs. Skinny demands to know why my energies aren't channeled into something positive . . . like cleaning. The puppy and I have a lot in common.

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