Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have ya been doin' the Sneeuwschoenen thing?  Ya gotta face a few basic facts of life here in CNY & upstate NY ... one of those undeniable facts is that it IS gonna get cold and snowy for a relatively sizable chunk of the calendar.  Sorry kids, just no way around it if you truly "live" here and call this place home.  This pretty much leaves you with two choices come snowflake season .. you can hibernate or you can celebrate. 

So sneeuwschoenen ? ... we're talking celebrate.   The sneeuwschoenen (or snowshoes) scene seems to have inched just a bit closer to becoming a mainstream winter fitness activity here in da 'Cuse.  A quick peek at the local "events" calendars for Jan & Feb show three snowshoe races  (Highland Forest, which was last weekend and upcoming events at Sunnycrest & Beaver Lake parks).   There's also a NYS series, a state champs, a New England series, Empire State Winter Games, and stuff all over place if you look for it. 

You lackin' da sneeuwschoenen?  Rent'em.  Various options all around town.  This way you get to test drive 'em without the commitment.  Get out to Highland or Green Lakes or wherever.  Check out the scene on-line and then get out there.

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