Saturday, January 29, 2011

New PRO - NOT PRO Diet

Tired of the temperatures getting lower & the scales numbers getting higher?
Are you a real hardcore cyclist or at least wanna be this year?  If you are (or want to be), this new diet may be for you.  First you have to decide if you are truly a hardcore cyclist.  Here's a little quiz to test ya ....Do you know who this is in the pic below?

If I say "Giro", "precipitation",  and "Andy", what comes to mind?  And what is a "Festina" and what does it have to do with cycling?

If you know these right off the top of your head, this diet is for you.  It's based on a rather simple concept ... no points, no crazy calculations, no label reading, no mailman delivering meals -- basically no nonsense.  Here's how it works ... every time when you open your yap to put something in it, you have to decide if it is PRO or NOT PRO.   At the end of each day, you must reflect on how many times you answered PRO or NOT PRO.  If you consistently noting PRO much more predominantly than NON PRO (and being brutally honest with yourself), chances you are on the right path.  So here's some guidance:

PRO:  modest serving of oatmeal or raisin bran or two egg whites plus 1 whole egg scrambled-- NOT PRO:  4 egg, ham & cheese omelette with a side of corn beef hash
PRO:  turkey on wheat w/veggies, no mayo, side salad w/sprinkle of olive oil -- NOT PRO:  Philly cheesesteak with fries
PRO:  grilled  Ahi, sweet potato & green veggies -- NOT PRO:  The 16 oz "king cut" filet with mashed potatoes & gravy
PRO:  a glass of wine w/dinner -- NOT PRO:  a bottle of wine w/dinner

There you have it.  Simple, straightforward and just like your training log -- if you're not honest, you're only cheating yourself


Skinny Phil said...

I rode over 8 hours between Sat & Sunday, but I also drank a 750 of Adoration (Fri), 2 scotches (Sat) and 2 Rare Vos's (Sun). I'm not sure where that places me. I'll go with Cat 4 Road Racer I guess . . .

Catskills Cycling said...

Watch your back Joe Friel!

Don't think I've ever heard it explained so simply before.

Though I would say that skin suit is very not-pro!

Drummroll said...

Catskills Cycling & Drummroll at "training camp" in Hunter, NY