Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 F-Us

Being in the somewhat enviable/awkward position of either donating vacation time to the man or bugging out early from work at noon on a pretty dang nice mid-November day ... I chose the latter. 

Found myself rolling up Rte 13 past the falls on up to Caz -- west on 20, up the biggggg hill and drop back down towards Manlius.  Figured I'd take Salt Springs Rd on into Chittenango and was simply cruising away and got to the last sharp descent before Rte 5.  As I get half way down,  I note a car blowing out a driveway on my right not too far ahead and low and behold, they're not just pulling out in front of me, they're turning left up the hill.  I'm doing well over 30 mph, probably near 40 and the car (which had a Critter Sitters logo on it) is getting real close.  I shift my weight way back on the seat and grab a handful of brakes trying not to lock up the wheels in a skid while still getting maximum stopping power as I evaluated escape  routes/options vs. t-boning the car..  I was so hard trying to get slowed down I could not even take a  hand off the bars to indicate to the butthole in the Critter Sitters-mobile that they were #1 in my books.   The driver may have noted I was rather displeased with a few mouthed f-bombs directed their way.  So there we have it -- FU-1.

Oddly enough, FU-2 occured just minutes after FU-1.  After turning onto Rte 5 and cruising past the school into Chittenago, I take a left and head down the main drag.  Gee look, a green pick, and yes, he is actually gonna pull out from the left right in front of me -- I should note that at this point I'm moving quite briskly from the down hill into town coupled with a bit of left over adrenalin from FU-1.  Gee look, if I don't accelerate and thread the needle between green truck's front fender and the parked cars, I'll get smushed.  I did resist pounding on his hood at about 28 mph as I was too focused on just getting out of his way.  I'm not sure if green truck d-bag could read lips either but by the look on his face, I think got a basic understanding of what I was trying to express.  So that was FU-2.  

Call me crazy but did motorists forget that people ride bikes ... on the road .. even in November?  Be careful out there kids.


Fred said...

Drummroll! That's why you have to hit the trails! or not.

Fred said...

Wait, I take that back. You can sue drivers, you can't sue a boulder.