Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wanted ... Two Cents

So here we go boyz & girlz ... some real, honest to goodness CX related content. 

If you you're reading this (yes, all 3 or 4 of you -- not sure if Humperdog counts as a reader), you are likely starting to have more CX related items creeping into your stream of conciousness as we are within reach of the first few CX events of the season.  So my CX pre-occupation seems to be tires at this moment.

I picked up someGrifo Fangos late last year but never really did get to race on them (not counting Black Fly in June).  This was my leap into the land of CX tubularity and I am struggling with what I want to put on my other tubular wheelset.  In clincher land, I liked the Michelin Muds (IMO, perhaps the best all around CX clincher) for most races and the Michelin Jets when things were dry and firm (i.e., not often).  I should also note I am a fan of the Maxxix Mimos (clincher) as well but have not run them in a while.

So I'm looking for some edumacational advice or suggestions for the "other" tires.  (And no, I'm not quite ready to go Dugast at this point -- It's bad enough my CX bike is probably worth more than my car as is.)

So speak up faithful reader(s) .... advice, opinions, call-outs, pre-season heckles and off-color comments encouraged.

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