Friday, April 23, 2010

Horner Dork

So bite me, Drumroll is a Horner fan.  Some love 'em, some hate 'em.  The dude just pulled off the biggest win of his career a couple weekends ago .. and got a cool hat in the process.  If he ain't on the "Shack's" TdF squad, Lance ought to concede now.

It started at the now defunct San Fran Grand Prix in 2001.  Horner, a member of Team Saturn at the time, won the San Fran Grand Prix  in '01 where Drumroll had scammed some press credentials.  Drumroll thought it was cool that this pro dude was so freakin happy to win a race.  He even paused to have a pic taken with Ms. Drumroll and when the flash didn't work, he even suggested taking another pic. 

Always a good interview, sometimes too honest but tells it like it is and he has dabbled in CX for sheets & giggles on occasion.  Drumroll even recalls seeing him at CX nats in the same year he rode a full Euro campaign.  When Drumroll asked him why he would do CX nats after a Pro Tour campaign he replied, I just love riding and racing my bike.  What's not to like?

Go Chris !

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