Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Good Day has Come & Gone

As many have come to realize, Drummroll is a hurtin pup.  Maybe age or just bad luck caught up w/him cause his back has been one MoFo for several weeks now.    Riding/training highlights include about a cumulative total of 2 hours on the bike in the last 3 weeks.  So Drumroll is a bit unstable without his normal training routine and looking for some good in it all ....

So he watched Chris Horner kick some serious arse today in Spain this am.  Biggest win of his career ...Drumroll rather pleased as he's a Horner fan from back in 2001 where Horner won the San Fran Grand Prix where Drumroll fanagled press creds and actually met Horner.  In celebration of Horner's win, Drumroll survives a 30 min EZ spin trainer session with no pain early pm (sweet!).

Mid pm Drumroll gets an update that the Ommegangsters represented well at Battenkill (wish I was there, Ok not really but awesome job guys).

Late pm SU LAX dominates Princeton ... all is good (including the Syrah Drumroll is ummm, obtaining antioxidant benefits from).  Later pm, Sabres win to solidify their playoff spot (all hail grape derived antioxidants).

And even later pm pre-bedtime check of the cyclo-websites shows ... holy crap, the rumors were true, it's finally here ... Joe Parkin's new book.  Thank freaking the powers that be I saved an Amazon gift card from Christmas.    First, if you haven't read "A Dog in a Hat" by Parkin, you're missing out and should be prohibited from riding your bike and drinking a Belgian beer of any sort until you do so.  And I'd be remiss not to give props to Joe's blog at 6 Years in a Raincape.   His new book is called "Come and Gone".    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to to Amazon to place an order.

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