Saturday, September 19, 2009

What About Bob (A Conspiracy Theory)?

For those that have been reading the blog since it's inception, you're no doubt aware of an on-going CX battle between "Bob" and I. As a refresher, here's a link to the original post:

About 6 months ago, Bob told me his wife was pregnant with their second child. I told him congratulations and he explained that they were expecting their child right before CX season. I gave my condolences and summer rolled on. CX racing season officially starts tomorrow at Kirkland (despite actually racing at Critz Farms today in something of a tune up race). Bob claims to be out of shape and sleep deprived. Up until today I was pretty sympathetic. That is until half way through today's race when it occurred to me that I've seen pictures of Bob's new baby, but I haven't seen her in person. I saw what looked to be a pregnant wife over the summer, but that could have been a pillow. Is Bob serious enough about his 'cross to actually FAKE a pregnancy? Has he really been closet training this whole time while I've been none the wiser? I'm in way better shape than last year, but now I'm concerned. If it turns out that the pictures he posted are just some baby from a Sears catalog and he's been secretly training this whole time, I'm gonna be bitter. Impressed, but bitter none the less.

We'll find out tomorrow I guess. Good thing I have new tubies. Actually so does Bob. Who buys new tubular's when they've just had a baby!? This conspiracy theory is becoming less theory. I could be in deep trouble tomorrow . . . I'll keep you posted.


Opieos said...

Dam good race today... I thought I had my shot at "bob" today when he tumbled. I think he let me lanquish in the wind until he had enough and blew by me like he had a motor on his bike

haightj said...

Skinny and I have a one year moratorium this cross season. He is required to find a new "Bob" due to me not being able to adequately fulfill my Bob duties.