Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Nah, there were guys in front of us ..."

Post race Skinny Phil: "'Nah, there were guys in front of us"

Post Race Mrs. Skinny Phil: "No, you won"

So the cool news is Skinny put the smackdown on the Cat 3/4 class at Kirkland and won himself a freakin CX race. While he's probably too humble to note such here (or still too hung over from post win celebration), he deserves at least a Belgian-blog-style shout out for his win.


velocb said...

Gefeliciteerd!!! Way to go Skinny Phil! Cross camp works! Great to hear you are having success. We have New England world's next weekend at Gloucester I am afraid very afraid...

Skinny Phil said...

Thanks man! CX camp does work. I find it shocking that Adam's camp doesn't sell out in 2 seconds. Good luck in Gloucester! I need to get out your way this season. Hoping to get out to one of the later Verge races.