Monday, December 22, 2008

Cross training, not 'cross training

Wow, who knew Drumroll was an aspiring senator? A CX race on the White House lawn does sound cool though.

Much like Drumroll, I spent the weekend off the bike. Back to back snowstorms will do that I guess. I've taunted the snow plow god's enough this winter. I figure with significant snow fall those guys are in no mood to be swerving around cyclists. Judging from the number of mail boxes I saw wiped out yesterday, some jerk on a bike probably has it coming. Even more dangerous than the regular snow plows are the dudes plowing out driveways. Most of them work pretty much non stop during a storm. The fact that many of them (at least my buddy) bring a 12 pack along to "kill time" makes the prospect of getting t-boned by one of them while they back out of someones driveway a distinct possibility. Gotta love the country.

It's probably a good time to switch up workouts and work on my core anyway, so I took the dogs on an hour plus snowshoe Saturday and then I hit Highland Forrest for a 2:40 XC ski yesterday. My body and brain may be ready for a slight break in the training schedule, but unfortunately when I got to Highland, I noticed that a local club cyclist/racer had signed in about 10 minutes before me. Since I'm a borderline mental patient the race was on. So much for rest. I caught him after about 45 minutes. Turns out he brought his 12 year old son with him, so I didn't exactly feel like a super hero when I caught him. What was that feeling, oh yeah, more like a jerk off. Oh well, he didn't know I was racing. He and his son we going to ski down a 1K hill and then back up and on course. That meant I had about 10K to wonder if they were going to catch me, so I kept the pace high. Since that was my first XC ski trip of the year I was pretty wasted by the end. I seriously need to consider seeking professional help.

If anyone owns XC ski's, let me know and we'll get out and do hill repeats (I mean have a leisurely ski) at Highland.

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