Sunday, January 13, 2013


Over the past year or so I've noticed a bit of a change.  Nothing earth shattering but more of a subtle creep that seemed to materialize in intensity for a few weeks and then kind of ebb or subside.   If I may, I enter the following into evidence: 

(1)  I have actually looked up and considered attending an alleycat;
(2)  I am starting to get the "Old Fat Cyclist" jersey;
(3)  I have looked into and considered doing a brevet,
(4)  I have spent way too much time looking and reading about steel frame building and the guys (or gals) who handcraft these. (I could also tell you about several options available for frame building classes.)
(5)  I see the commercial for the guys with "low T" and I think hmmm.....

After somewhat suppressing and ignoring the signs for months, formal recognition of my condition (or awakening) has recently occurred.  The trigger for my awakening was a chance visit I made to Cranx indoor bike park a few weeks ago.  I have now visited and rode there several times since and am now spending way too much time browsing BMX related web sites as I contemplate how to explain why I need yet another bike.   My brain is filled with 20", 24" 26" dirt jumper, cruiser, old school, new school, CrMo, Hi-ten, racing, Haro, Sunday Mirraco, 3 piece, double walled and so on. 

How did this happen or what the hell just happened? ... less than 10 yrs ago I was doing IronMan tris, then some CX, then some road racing and some MTBing .. and now .. it's sorta scary but I believe this evolution (or devolution perhaps) may be some sort or cycling mid-life crisis .... or as I am calling it, "male cycling menopause" or MCMp. I am still unsure if MCMp is treatable as this is all new to me.  Perhaps there are others of you out there with eyes wide open and nodding your heads right now .... if yes, I am here for you.   I will be facilitating a group session for MCMp in the near future (probably at Cranx) as soon as I'm done checking out and every other forum thread discussing the best bmx bike for a noob I can get my eyes on.

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