Friday, May 18, 2012

Lost/Stolen - Reward Offered

I seem to have lost 30 watts.  The last time I saw them was in 2009.  They were awesome.  We had some good times.  I thought I found them a few times, but it wasn't the same 30 watts.  I think it was more like 15.  I've been looking all over for them.  Mostly I look in Cazenovia.  Sometimes I look around Highland Forest, and sometimes I look in my basement around my trainer.  I've become so desperate that I've even gone running in hopes of finding them.  I figure these types of things tend to get lost within a couple of miles of the house, so I thought I'd stand a better chance of seeing them on foot.  Then again maybe you're more likely to have an accident within a couple miles of the house.  I get those things confused.

In any event, I stopped working with a coach a couple of years ago.  Maybe the watts were part of the training program and when I stopped paying he transferred them to a paying client.  Maybe if I read the fine print in his contract I'll find them.

I've been traveling a lot for work.  I wonder if they fell out of the car at a rest stop in Massachusetts.  I also stay at a lot of hotels.  They tend to have restaurants like Applebees connected to their parking lots.  Sometimes I order a couple off the tall beers while I'm there to offset the fact that I'm in a Crapplebees.  Maybe I left them on the bar as a tip one night.

I did a lot of mountain biking last season.  I took a pretty good tumble during the Highland Hex.  Maybe they fell out of my jersey pocket.  I'm pretty sure I lost them before the Hex though.

I also wonder if Haight stole them.  He did move about 10 minutes ride from my house.  He's also riding pretty fast this year.  I know my dog Ray would eat him if he broke into the house, but maybe he took them from my garage.  Sometimes I leave them on my handlebars after a long ride.

I gotta get those watts back . . . 

I also lost a glove.  It was a Sugoi.  Something tells me I'll find or replace that first.  I'm not religious, but isn't there a saint that brings back lost stuff?  Meh, I guess I'll just keep riding in hopes that I find those watts.  If you see Haight sporting my watts in the wide open though, call the cops!

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