Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eff Me .. Priceless

Eff Me Once:   warming up/riding EZ at Long Branch before the gang got there with almost brand new Grifo tubulars (one practice & one race old) -- flat.

Eff Me Twice:  jump into a hot lap with the gang on the brand new, never ridden tubulars glued up last night -- stick with eyes jumps into rear derailleur & rips it off

Eff Me 3x:  while the derailleur is ripping off, the new chain I put on last week (w/only 1 race on it) decides to imitate a pretzel.

Bonus Eff Me:  On 690 cruising home in a combo bummed/pissed mood (with a messed up bike on the roof rack) and a freaking re-tread pops out from around a car as I'm changing lanes and slams the underside of the car. 

Having realized that it don't mean shit because I am still pretty lucky when I consider the big picture ... Priceless (and a vodka martini or two never hurts either)

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Drummroll said...

Eff Me Update: Add a rear derailleur to the list! Perhaps the most expensive stick I ever ran over.