Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're Doomed (aka over due for a rant)

I suppose I have reached that point in my life where I think we as a society or the human race in general is/are doomed.  I'm sure my parents have felt this way as did their parents before them (and so on and so on).  But why are "WE" doomed you ask whereas we survived in the past?  Well it's pretty damned apparent from where I'm sitting.  First I have growing concerns about the younger generation coming along -- the ones walking down the street, head down focused on a freaking smart phone, the ones who can provide intricate detail of the pros and cons of a X-Box 360 vs. q Wii yet doesn't know who the difference between Dr. MLK Jr. and Dr. Seuss -- the ones with 300+ friends on FB yet have the "social" skills of a cold french fry (at least until they make an app for that) -- you know what I'm saying. 

The final straw pushing me over the edge causing this here rant is actually two fold.  First, I recently heard about this "planking" craze.  Seriously? ... a craze where you essentially lay on your face?   At least the Macarana (as much as I despised it) involved moving.  I'm sure they'll invent a planking video game or app soon so you can do it virtually from the couch.  And the second part, I was passing thru the living room last night and was stopped in my tracks by something I saw on TV -- it was a talking freak show that I was informed was called Lady Gaga.  Pardon me but wouldn't "Lady WTF is wrong with me or please look at me" make a little more sense?

I secretly almost found myself yearning for some Pee Wee Herman re-runs and a news story about a streaker after these modern day "enlightenments".   Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go find me a steel ride with down tube shifters to try to bring some sanity back in the world.  And if you got any of those ultra cool Greg LeMond ski gogglesque Oakleys, I'm willing to pay top dollar.

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