Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yehuda Moon

My curiosity got me .. what the he!! is Yehuda Moon? ...  a new psychedelic drug from the root of some rare Amazonian plant?, a whiskey?, a coffee?, a cheese?, a celestial event celebrated in India that I never heard of?

After purchasing a Walz Cap recently (a grey wool 3-panel w/black stripe - awesome btw), I was back on their site looking at their other offerings.  I  noticed a special "Yehuda Moon" edition cap link.  So in true internet lemming fashion, I clicked on the link to satisfy my web-induced Yehuda Moon curiosity.   I think I found a keeper -- I will add this to my daily cyclo-based browsing routine.  

If ya got a few, check out Yehuda .... it will go good with your morning coffee ... chances are it will grow on you as you relate (with a knowing grin) certain aspects of Yehuda Moon to yourself, other cycling geeks, and this mini-bizarro world thing we call cycling culture.  Now go get yourself some Yehuda ....

1 comment:

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