Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoulda Seen This A Comin From a Mile Away


A mile away your ask?  More like from miles away.  Actually Drummroll predicted this one rather well about 6 weeks ago when his work schedule started to fill up rather quickly.  He explained at the time that he'd suck it up and do his job but that travelling like this tends to end up with him getting sick.  So let's recap shall we?  Since the last week of Sept, he's been seeing alot of steering wheel and airport time:  Kokomo, IN, an unplanned stayover in Charlotte, Chicago, Bethlehem, PA and Uncasville, CT.  And still got to a CX event every weekend as well as help put on the CX @ Brewery Ommegang event.  The wheels started to come off somewhere near Bethlehem, PA last week when his throat caught on fire and that all to familiar feeling of general "ick".  By the time he got to CT, he was shivering under the covers at 7:30 at night knowing all too well that racing Syracuse was probably not in the cards.  He got home Thurs eve and was at the doc Fri am and got a Rx for Azithromycin.   As of today, he's hoping he's turning the corner but still has a nasty cough.  The boy's also getting a bit stir crazy and probably about one more f-bomb or other off-color inuendo away from Ms. Drumroll putting a pillow over his face when he next  falls asleep.  And what adds insult to the matter is that his recover beverage consumption has only been in the form of shots ... of NyQuil.  No Ommegang in almost 2 weeks!  Not the mid-CX season break he wanted but look out, he might actually come into his best form of the year for all the local December CX races. 

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