Monday, February 8, 2010

Went to a 5K and a cycling event broke out

On a frosty 3.5 hr Saturday ride that took me thru Caz this past weekend, I noticed the Chilly Chili banner.  I wondered when it was as Ommegangsters Jeff W and Skinny Phil had run it in recent years.  Low and behold I ran into some folks later in the afternoon who said it was the next day.  I checked it out on the web and decided what the he!!, I had run Friday eve for 40 minutes for the first time in weeks so I was definitely not over trained and should give it a go.  So Sunday morning I loaded the running shoes and other running apparel into a daypack and headed out on the bike to umm, yes, to warmup ... for 2 hours.   See my masterplan was to ride then run and then ride home.  I figured this would suck all aspirations of running hard, have fun, and build in a great excuse for sucking on the run.   So as I get to registration, I see local cycling guru Diamond Dave and Sue joke and they chuckle about my bike parked out front.   Then I run into cycling youngster Jake G who stopped for a quick hello.  Once back inside to stay warm, Ithaca area cycling strongman Jeremy G walks up and says hello and that new Ommegangster Jason H was there.  Holy crap.  The only people I know at this 5k running race of 1100+ people are the cycling folks I ride and race with.   So I head outside to the start and run into Tri-guy Jamie, another dude I have rode with.  With about a minute to the start, Derek P (Fizz) walks up and says hello.  Holy double crap.  So we start and I watch all the "cyclist" run away from me.  All in all I sucked (goal accomplished) and got my butt kicked by all the cyclists as a bonus.  Some of them cycling dudes are fast runners.

The post race chili samples rocked, I sipped a few brew samples and then I took the brisk plunge back home kinda laughing that the venue was definitely different but the same cycling guys were putting the hurt on me once again and as usual, we all connected after to share the moment, have a laugh and catch up with each other and make plans to connect at some time in the near future.

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