Monday, November 9, 2009

Grizzly Sighting in Massachusetts

I saw it with my own two eyes. I even had two credible Syracuse CX brothers (Bryan B and Eric G) who can vouch for me as they saw it too. ….and this doesn’t include the several hundred others who witnessed the same. We were at the Cycle-Smart Invitational (CSI) CX event this past weekend and during the men’s elite race on Saturday, the announcer yelled out something about a grizzly. This announcement was followed by a huge roar. I chuckled and thought, now that’s pretty damn funny, gotta love ‘cross.

Flashback a few years ago and I remember (a clean shaven) Dan Timmerman, totally dominating (perhaps devouring) the open men’s field at the Syracuse CX Grand Prix. He impressed everyone that day as he bunny hopped the barrier and rode up the hill while everyone else dismounted and ran.

Flash forward back to this past weekend and you might say he’s upped his game a bit along with his notoriety. Seems Ithaca’s very own Dan Timmerman, with his prominently bushy facial hair is now affectionately New England cyclocross’ very own “Grizzly”. The roar we had heard after the announcer’s “Grizzly” callout was the crowd responding as they've fallen for the Grizzly. Seems “Grizzly” has become a genuine fan favorite with the bearded look coupled with some stellar results this year in the elite level of the New England CX scene (we’re talking UCI level podium spots and wins here kids). Great to see a CNY guy mixing it up with some of the best. Hats off to the Grizzly!!

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