Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Soul Lotta Love

It's bikemastime here at the Drumroll house. A new, sexy, sweet Soul Cycles ss Dilinger 29er will be here in a matter of days. I can hardly wait and think about it constantly. It's a sad statement about adulthood that this is about as close as I can come to feeling like a kid again at Christmas. I think about the jolly ol' guy himself (UPS aClaus) pulling up the drive with his truck full of goodies -- y'all can have your 8 tiny reindeer, that UPS truck probably has about 240 horses and can hold a heck of a lot more than a sleigh. And the best part, I didn't even have to be a good boy, I could just be my ol' SOB dick of myself as long as I had the blessing of the credit god Visa.

Anyway, for those uninitated, here's how the new bike thing goes down .....

Drummroll: Hey hon, I just ordered another bike today.
Ms. Drummroll: That's great dear, where you putting it? There's no more room in the garage.
Drummroll: I'll make room, just like last time.
Ms. Drummroll: How many's that now ... five?
Drummroll: ummm, actually six ... not counting the Cannondale frame.
Ms. Drummroll: So what's so special about this one that you just HAD to have it? I hope at least it's a pretty color.
Drummroll: Oh, it's a sweet retro blue color and it's a 29er single speed, a Soul Cycles Dillinger, it's sweet.
Ms. Drummroll: Like I said, what's so special about this one that you just HAD to have it?
Drummroll: Well I can do some single speed 'cross races on it and some ss mtn. biking and maybe even commute to work on it.
Ms. Drummroll: What's a single speed and why didn't you just get a 28er or 27er instead?
Drummroll: There's only one gear, you can't shift and it's less stuff to have to maintain.
Ms. Drummroll: Why would you only want one gear? What if you have to go up a hill?
Drummroll: You pedal hard or get off and try to run up.
Ms. Drummroll: Ha, ... I've seen you run mean walk up ... Why not use your other mtn. bike and just not shift it? Sounds kinda dumb to me.
Drummroll: Umm, well, umm ....isn't Idol or some Dance thing on TV that you're missing?

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